ForeScout CounterACTTM

Forescout-1ForeScout CounterACT™ is a continuous monitoring and mitigation platform that provides real-time visibility and coordinated controls within your complex IT environment.

Based on next-generation network access control (NAC) technologies, CounterACT delivers:

  • Real-time intelligence about the devices, systems, applications and users on your network
  • A wide range of granular controls to help you enforce endpoint security policy
  • Information sharing and automation among your existing IT security and management systems to help you rapidly fix security issues and contain breaches




ForeScout CounterACT™ lets you see users, devices, systems and applications the moment they attempt to access your network. It’s real-time visibility:

  • Does NOT require software agents or prior knowledge of the device
  • Dynamically discovers, profiles and assesses:
    • Wired and wireless
    • Managed and unmanaged
    • Virtual and embedded
    • Laptops and mobile
    • IoT devices



Network Access Control

Forescout-3ForeScout CounterACT™ enforces network access control, letting you:

  • Grant access based on user, device and security posture
  • Restrict unauthorized devices and users
  • Tailor access policies based on user, role, device type, authentication, operating system, device ownership, security posture, location, time of day and more
  • Streamline secure guest registration and on-boarding



Endpoint Compliance


ForeScout CounterACT™ ensures that managed and unmanaged endpoints comply with your security policies. This industry-leading NAC appliance:

  • Monitors your compliance levels
  • Supports regulatory audit requirements
  • Provides on-demand asset intelligence
  • Automatically fixes identified issues
  • Invokes your existing patch management, remediation or helpdesk systems



ForeScout ControlFabric™ enables ForeScout CounterACT™ and other IT solutions to exchange information and more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues.

How it works:

  • Dynamically identifies and assesses network users, endpoints and applications.
  • Provides full network access control
  • Directly remediates endpoint security issues
  • Triggers third-party remediation systems

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ForeScout integrates with more than 70 different network, security, mobility and IT management products, allowing for automated workflows, significant time and cost savings and far better security.